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keep the plants protected until 9:00. temperatures are running 29 to 39 an the bay so there are frosty spots and sunny and cool and temperature in the upper 40sette to low 50's by 4:00. inland we go from 30 to 38 through 7:00 and we will be around 49 to 52 during the afternoon. now that the coast temperatures are running around 36 to 40 degrees at 7:00, by 4:00 we will be around 47 to 51. everyone is colder than average again today. >> speaking of cold we have either woulds of patches of black ice, in san mateo county by skyline boulevard, highway 92 making your way to half moon bay patches of black ice are reported so slower speed and extra caution. to mountain view reports of a bus stalled in the left lane. north 680, an accident on the
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shoulder. moving northbound we can see the day bridge plaza, in official metering lights on but you will find delays for cash-paying folks. otherwise your car pool and fast track lanes are moving nicely. >> new this morning, a just-released report says san francisco muni overtime costs are over budget, and abc7 news reporter joins us live from the station with an employee who took an unbelievable amount in overtime. >> that is right. the "san francisco chronicle" is reporting that mull -- multiple muni employees made mother than $100,000 in overtime. the average worker, working 40 hours a week works about 2,000 hour as year. some clocked in 4,000 hours in a year. one mechanic made an extra $164,000 for clocking in 2,000 hours of overtime.
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the chief says the mechanic was paid for overnight work, on a new train control system when trains did not run. ten supervisors made more than $100,000 in overtime pay alone for the 2011 and 1212 fiscal year. one worked street corners keeping an eye on buss and trains and helping out in emergencies, and this supervisor clocked the most hours with 2,262 hours of overtime, earning an extra $147,000 on top of salary. we have a call in for a response to the shocking numbers and we do expect to have that coming up on abc7 at 11 a.m. reporting live for san francisco. >> new this morning in the wake of the sandy hook elementary school tragedy, san francisco public schools are initiating active shooter drills.
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the officials are working on safety policies in the event of a shooter on school grounds including preparing for digital floor plans for all san francisco public schools, so police can download on computer. the mapping of the school grounds is critical for first responders. in connecticut, the one month anniversary and parents of the sandy hook elementary school have different opinions on what should be done with their school. 200 people attended a meeting at newtown, connecticut, high school and someant the school demolished and others want it renovated and the areas removed and another meeting is set for this week. >> police in santa cruz are searching for a man who grab add 12-year-old while walking home from school. police released this sketch after the victim provided details of the description to investigators. she was not injured. the suspect was seen running up a flight of stairs and someone took this photo of him right
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there, santa cruz police would like anyone with information on the case to call. amen dough -- and mendocino county will fight the government over marijuana permitting program. they want to know who applied for permits. the county says that is legally protected information in california. >> san mateo city council will hear from both sides whether a new 7/11 store should be allowed to stay home that opened on christmas day on north san mateo drive. some fear this increases crime and protested before the store opened claiming it violates local zoning laws. it is zoned if housing although a store once occupied the site under a special exemption. >> next up, atlanta, the san francisco 49ers are ready to play the falcons on sunday with the winner going to the super bowl. the 49ers beat the packers on
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saturday night at candlestick with a record-setting performance by the quaterback and they -- the falcons beat the seahawks. the championship title is on the line on sunday at the georgia dome. >> at the niners prepare to take on the falcons fans are sharing pray off pride. a viewer sent this picture of a happy couple tailgating. wonder if she did this face painting? do you like that? pretty intimidating. another intimidating fan, the owner says he had the niners gear on for a game day barbecue on saturday. >> intimidating is better, i think. >> look at that expression. >> that is game face. >> 6:36.
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traffic is weather, together, next on abc7 morning news with a look outside from the rooftop camera. you can see the bay bridge. it is cold. we even have reports of black ice. that is coming up and mike will have the forecast. >> check this out, general motors takes the wraps off the first new corvette in nine years and the new car is making
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>> welcome back. we will check out the 24 hour temperature change. yesterday was so cold. we set records in many areas yesterday. we have oakland at one degree cooler and half moon bay is four degrees cooler. and los gatos is the same, and one degree cooler in san francisco and ten degrees cooler in fairfield. and look at redwood city and los gatos at 29 degrees where it is coldest. in the afternoon, total sunshine and breezy and upper 40's to mid-50's. >> good news on the mountain view area with a stalled bus now cleared from the lanes so you will find traffic moving nicely. north 680 the accident in the center divide, no problems getting by there. and we have road work still out there, northbound, alameda, ramp to sub880, closed for another 40 to 50 minutes until 7:00 this morning doing repaving
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projects. 87 through san jose moving nice lion the h.p. pavilion working northbound on 87 toward 101. kristen and eric? >> thank you. start your engines. new video shows the first new redesigned corvette in nine years. general motors unveiled the 2014 corvette yesterday in detroit at the north american international auto show, the most powerful corvette ever, the base model comes with a 450 horse power and 6.2liter v-8. the sports car exceeds the 26 miles per hour current models and goes on sale this fall at $50,000 to start. >> ladies, can we start our engines? >> i don't know if you want to drive one. >> it looks good, though. >> robin roberts, a big announcement on "good morning america" today that you will
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love. we will bring it to you. >> but, first, royal due day. we know when to expect the little prince
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. although the temperatures are not as cold as yesterday, the winds are out there and it feels almost as cold with eight-mile-per-hour wind at livermore and nine in novato and six-mile-per-hour wind in san jose. temperatures around 32 inland at 7:00 to nearly 40 around the bay and to the coast. upper 40's at noon and near 50
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for the afternoon and back in the 30's and 40's by 7:00. moving forward we will have warmer afternoons and mid-50's tomorrow, mid-to-upper 50's on wednesday, and mid-50's to low 60's by thursday. kristen? >> new this morning, britain's royal pal has announced this summer prince william and kate will be welcoming their new arrival. the palace says the royal baby is due in july. the couple are advertising for a servant to attend the royal household duties including cooking and cleaning to be a personal assistant and chauffeur. >> new this morning, france's ruling socialist party is refusing to back down on plans to legalize same-sex marriage a day after hundreds of thousands of people turned out in protest. the large crowd demonstrated yesterday in paris angry over plans to girlfriend same-sex marriage the right to marry and adopt children. this morning, though, french
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president said he will press on with the measures hoping to have legislation before parliament by the end of this month. >> in china a thick soup of pollution is covering the country and is called air apocalypse. this shows the scene in beijing. air monitors call the pollution hazardous and say this is the worst it has ever been in china and some highways are closed and flights have been canceled at the airports. >> redwood shores oracle has an emergency fix for java software because of fears of identity theft after a warning from homeland security who advised users to disable the software on computers to avoid hacking attacks. but some researches say security flaws still remain in the software. >> apple is kitting down on orders for parts for iphone 5. the "wall street journal" has been told they have cut orders
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for screens and other parts. it is not clear why they are cutting down on parts but rumors suggest they could introduce a cheaper iphone some year but an executive dismissed the rumors last week. >> we have reports this morning of black ice on a key highway along the peninsula and mike is saying the temperatures will support that. >> some areas it is cold this morning. other areas, the winds have capped so this is a microclimate situation. it is good to remember, during this cold snap, any morning we will be dealing with freezing temperatures and black ice is possible. here is a look from mount tamien , and it will be breezy this afternoon compared to yesterday afternoon. we will look at live doppler 7 hd and for radar runs, no clouds, the air is bone dry and that will lead us to another
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cold night tonight and colder than this morning, and 29 in redwood city and 30 at napa and 31 at santa rosa and southeast to frost at concord at 33 and everyone else is mid-to-upper 30's but san francisco is 41 degrees of the everyone was freezing an the monterey bay but now santa cruz is 33 and monterey is 38. moving forward, chilled sunshine and temperatures well below average again and do not forget the breeze especially the closer you are to water. it will be frosty inland tonight and tomorrow and the warmer afternoons will translate into remain warmer mornings starting on thursday and through the weekend. total sunshine today, breezy. especially brisk along the coast. it is 50 at half moon bay, one of the coolest spots. and in antioch, and livermore, not making it out of the 40's
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today of the oakland and santa rosa is 53, the warmer spots and 51 in san francisco and 52 in shows and 50 to 53 inland from the monterey bay. more 20's and 30's tonight, and calmer and colder during the overnight hours. look the at areas of high pressure, dominating our weather, and the cold one overland right now, and the we warmer over the ocean that will push to the east, and push the colder air away and bring the warmer afternoons. you can see it will be near 60 thursday inland, or around the bay and inland for friday and saturday and it looks like a mild weekend. you need to wash the car, now is the good time to do it. >> the cold temperatures like that show reports of black ice on the peninsula. san mateo county on highway 92, at half moon bay, extra caution in that area. slick roads are in place. 580 to the altamont pass is busy headed into 680 and 32 minutes.
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the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, under 20 minutes so that is busy this morning. 680 from walnut creek toward the 580 junction you will find yourself at 15-minute drive. here is the busy freeway traveling from golden gate field 80 westbound beyond university to the macarthur maze very busy with a solid stream of traffic. here is what you find at the bay bridge toll plaza, solid backup with the metering lights just turned on. kristen and eric? >> 6:20. bay area counties are ready to buy back guns and what else people are being asked to turn in. >> check this out on "good morning america" robin roberts returns if a special announcement that we will bring
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>> here we go, look at seven-day outlook it looks quiet. we have a lot of sunshine. temperatures will get back to average on wednesday and possibly be warmer-than-average temperatures for thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures in the 40's to near 50 through the value valley. 29 at tahoe after the record cold 14 below zero yesterday. >> in this morning a member of the abc news family is counting down to her return back to normal tv.
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this morning on american -- "good morning america" you can hear the good news from robin roberts four months after a bone marrow transplant she is ready to return to the air. doctors say the tests looked good following the battle. >> what all this means by doctors are waiting for this information to be able to tell me i can begin the process of returning to the anchor chair. i'm coming home! >> okay. >> all right. she says preparing for the return will take a few weeks but the great news is it is not months, weeks. you can hear more from robin on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 right here on abc7. >> jodie foster is dominating social media after accepting the special award where she publicly referenced her sexual orientation for the first time. >> i did my coming out a thousand years ago back in the
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stone age in those...very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends and family and co-workers and gradually proudly to everyone who knew her and everyone she met but now, i am told that every celebrity is expected to honor the details of the private life with a press conference, fragrance and a prime time reality show. >> she went on to talk about being a private person although she has lived her life in the public eye. >> best picture brought another surprise at the golden globe awards. >> it goes to...argo. >> the hostage thriller directed by ben affleck beat out lincoln and zero dark thirty and ben affleck got honors for argo and other winners included les miserables for best picture, musical or comedy.
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and jessica choose -- chastain for zero dark thirty and daniel day-lewis for lincoln and you can watch oscars right here on sunday, february 24. >> thank you for that french lesson. >> it took it for seven years and it is still not too great. >> police jump in action after a man is trapped under a taxi. it is all caught on camera. >> a new twist on gun buy backs. what else a county is asking residents do bring in besides firearms. >> a little bit warmer outside today but not by much. we will tell you why and show you how people are coping in this cold. that is coming up next. >> good morning, the abc7 traffic center, a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza and metering lights are on and the
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car pool lanes are getting by just fine and fast track lanes, as well. a new accident reported in the fremont area. we will have an update for you
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, monday at 6:29. hope you had a great week end. thanks for joining us. now, looking at the bay, you can see it is pretty clear. it is cold. but the wind is actually helping us this morning if you can believe that. thank you, wind. good morning, i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. keeping it warmer than yesterday. >> it is a catch 22 it keeps the
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temperature up but the wind chill makes it feel cooler. it is not so frosty but only we feel the wind chill. live doppler 7 hd shows how dry the air is. not a cloud. not a radar return to be found. in the 9:00, keep the pets in and keep the plants covered in the north bay and east bay and santa clara valley. if you went to bed under a frost advisory it has been dropped by the national weather center. there are still some frosty spots hanging out from the low 50's, possibly high 40's. breezy in the afternoon at 49 to 52 and the coast has the fastest breezes with no frost this morning and 36 to 40 and you will hang out mostly in the upper 40's in the afternoon. now, traffic? >> fremont southbound we have
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slowing on 680 and northbound there is an accident on the side of the road but i am seeing yellow sensors in the southbound direction so we will check back with chp and perhaps they have a direction wrong. it would not be the first time. the antioch commute headed westbound on highway four, at 20 minutes to 242 and very slow traffic from antioch typical if this time of the morning and we have a slow commute from the central valley under 25 miles per hour moving from 205 to the altamont pass and it picks up slightly, not much better, by the time you read dublin/pleasanton and 580 is a difficult commute this morning with 40-minute drive in the westbound direction. and sluggish moving from hayward to foster city and the san mateo bridge and it looks like the eastbound direction is picking up with crowds there moving toward hayward. >> thank you, at 6:31. as we have mentioned, the bay area is waking up to frigid
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temperatures from plants to pipes the cold is causing problems. amy is live in the east bay. amy? >> good morning, we are in downtown livermore. we found a temperature gauge registering. below freezing at 32 in downtown livermore with bursting pipes being a reality if this weather^. a woman in walnut creek expenses it. the wipes ruptured in the cold and she said it flooded her atrium and her yard and she has not hard water. her son has been trying to fix it. companies that repair heaters say this cold snap has caused them to be very busy. >> we are receiving about from 6 to 12 a day. six calls we can help in a couple of days but 12...that is impossible. >> can you imagine not having
6:32 am
heat and them saying we cannot get to you. it makes a hassle of a frosty car seem like something you can deal it. easier to deal with than a house without heat or a house that has a pipe that burst. we feel a breeze and mike nicco is talking about how that is helping push the temperatures up higher, 30's, actually, an improvement from over the weekend when it was the 20 but the breeze feels very cold out here, so, no matter how you slice it whether it is winnie -- windy or the temperature is lower it is cold and not what we are used to in the bay area. live in livermore for abc7 news. >> thank you very were. if you see frost or frozen conditions in your neighborhood, we want did see your pictures at and for weather alerts any time, check out our twitter at abc7 news bay area. >> an audit of agencies at the
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city of san francisco shows one agency far outpaced other agencies for overtime. muni racked up more overtime going $18 million over budget last year. they beat out police and fire for overtime and ten supervisors made more than $100,000 in over time. each boosted their pay to more than $200,000 last year. one mechanic more than doubled his $106,000 annual salary by making $163,000 in overtime alone. the corruption trial of six former city officials in the los angeles suburb of bell get underway this week. a 20-count complaint was handed down against the form mayor, vice mayor, and four city council members if misappropriation of public funds. an investigation found the officials of the city were paid two or three times the salaries of officials in communities of the same size. the former city manager and assistant city manager will be
6:34 am
tried separately. >> today, ocean land city leaders will make a major announcement of responding to the violent crime problem. last night, a drive by shooting in east oakland injured five people and ten others were shot in the city since friday. police say five people were hit in the spray of bullets at seminary avenue and walnut at 8:00 and the vice mayor is calling for a state of emergency in the city to clear the way to get financial help from the state. a new city council member tells abc7 the decision was made during a conference call before last night's shooting. a spokesperson for the mayor says that the public deserves a strong and fast reaction to all the violence. aseveral bay area counties are sponsoring a unique gun "buy back" program and authorities are looking if more than guns. marin and san francisco and sonoma are teaming up for the buy back a fitting tribute to nonviolence on martin luther king's birthday. drop off locations are located
6:35 am
across the area including police stations in novato and san rafael and point reyes station. you can get $200 for a semi-automatic rifle and up to $10 if violent video games. >> vice president biden will meet with members of the house of representatives to continue talks on ways to reduce gun violence. he will be joined by attorney general holder and other cabinet members. he is set to give president obama comprehensive package of recommendations tomorrow. >> a 25-year-old man who raped a san francisco woman during a robbery is in custody this morning. the suspect is facing burglary and other charges. authorities say he forced his way into the resolution distance on saturday night as she was going in and a neighbor called 9-1-1. the suspect jumped off the
6:36 am
balcony but was found hiding. >> a family is safe after flames destroyed the home. firefighters got the call before 3:30 about a house on fire. this is in unincorporateed san jose. when the firefighters got there all six people including the dog got out. the crews stayed on the scene for several hours looking for a hot spot. >> traffic and weather together are next on the abc7 morning news and here is a live look outside you can see the golden gate bridge with cars coming off the bridge into san francisco. it is cold. it is clear. and mike nicco, our meteorologist, will have the full forecast and we will have a traffic report including black ice ahead. >> police officers try to lift a taxi with their bear hands to save a man trapped and it is caught on
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>> welcome back. we will check out the high temperatures under sunshine. we are still going to be well below average with the coolest weather in antioch and livermore at 49. and 50 at half moon bay and richmond. and 51 in san francisco and concord. and 52 in napa and concord and san jose and oakland at 53 for a warm spot. live doppler 7 hd is quiet. we are dominated by high pressure. sunshine and 29 in tahoe and 52 in the central valley and mid-50's in southern california. easy travel here. now the commute. >> heavier now as you move through fremont, the exclusive traffic app southbound 680
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reports of a stall and you are looking at heavy traffic moving from the parkway to mission boulevard southbound on 680. elsewhere -- and this is a free app from apple app and google play. now a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and traffic is backing to the macarthur maze with reports of a stalled big rig in the bus lane at the toll plaza so you will find sluggish traffic. from san rafael, you can see it is getting busy with the headlights beyond the marin ymca with no major delays and traffic is slowing nicely to the golden gate bridge. >> video shows the heroics of new york city's fine finest in action. a suspect was being chased and ran to a cab which ran over him. the cops went into rescue mode
6:41 am
lifting up the taxi and swinging it away from the victim who was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. >> robin roberts made a return to "good morning america" this morning after 138 days and we will talk about that if new york. >> trading is underway in wall street and well get the latest from the new york s
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>> walnut creek, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> here we go with live doppler 7 hd, what we are looking at is a fairly quiet weather pattern right now. it is that way across the entire state. we just have no wet weather to speak of anywhere. yesterday the record low
6:44 am
temperature was minus 14 at tahoe! brutally cold. it will not be that cold the next few days with no snow expected. a lot of groomed powder for skiing enjoyment from what i hear from a couple of people i work with. >> i briefed the cold and it was worth it but still thawing out. >> and now, over to "good morning america" where it is no.
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>> we are all looking forward to it as you might imagine because we missed her very much. kudos for holding down the for
6:46 am
the. we are looking forward to seeing robin. >> thanks, everyone. thank you very much. >> well wishes from all the fans across the nation in the bay area. back at you, josh, for that. >> you can watch the announcement coming up at 7:00 right here on abc7. it will put a smile on your face. >> all right has. >> you need to monitor your teens' online activity but a study shows it is extra important for girls. researchers studied girls 14 to 18 and 30 percent met one individual in opinion they met online and 30 percent reported online sex solicitation. half were members of neglect which is prosecutor prone to higher risk behaviors on the internet. >> forget the fiscal cliff, we are close to falling off the postal cliff and hostess will move forward with plans to sell
6:47 am
their brand. jane king is live from the new york stock exchange. >> all kinds of cliffs going on these days. and major money problems for the post office, and congress, still, hasn't take were steps to help out the postal service so it is on track to run out of cash in october. if that happens, it will not be able to pay workers or buy fuel, so that means our mailboxes will be e. the postal service and financial situation is getting worse and losing an estimated $25 million every day. wonder bread is closer to having a new owner, the maker of tasty cake is the lead bidder for the twincies and the rest of the knack cakes are separate.
6:48 am
>> and in the single digits across the board on the stock exchange and apple may not be as cool with the younger folks, the iphone maker could be lose their grip on the teens. the cupertino based giant has done a good job with the older folks but the younger generation is all about samsung galaxy and losing facebook after a survey shows tumbler is more popular than facebook with the 13-25 and tumbler lets you use photos on a blog like platform. >> our time is 6:49. and we have word that president obama will hold a white house news conference at 8:15 our time and abc will carry a special report. experts say he will likely
6:49 am
discuss upcoming budget battles with congress over spending and vice president biden's gun task force as we have been reports and they will come back with recommendations tomorrow and issues that president obama would like to tackle next in the second term suggesting immigration so keep ituned to -- keepit tuned and we will have it for you live. >> mike? how are the temperatures? >> first, the beautiful picture from mount tamien this morning looking down on the bay and nothing that the bay is more choppy than the last couple of mornings with a free in the foreground moving around at 2,800' and down to the surface in san jose, highway 87 you can see the palm tree behind the circle seven and that is moving around because the winds are keeping the temperatures up and the atmosphere mixed this morning. and keeping us dry, also.
6:50 am
check out doppler, you do not need the wet weather gear, but it will be 50 so you probably want sunshine to keep you warm so very dry forecast coming at you the next several days. now, where it is freezing, the coldest weather is los gatos at 29 and san rafael at 30, and 31 at santa rosa, and concord is 33 and frosty. the areas sheltered from the wind are cooler than the reporting stations which are usually out in open areas. 27 in gilroy and monterey right now is at 38 degrees and it had dropped down ton -- down to 32 degrees last hour. warmer overnight, and cooler on
6:51 am
thursday. redwood city is now at 52 and san francisco 51, and san jose 52, 7 degrees cooler-than-average. we will be in the low 50's around monterey bay and headed inland, low-to-mid 50's and total sunshine everywhere today. tonight, we do not have the wind so we will have more wide-spread frost than this morning. it will be one of the last nights, with the frost. mid-50's tomorrow and mid-to-upper 50's on wednesday and low 60's on thursday and mid-60's throughout the week end. it will be warmer eventually. >> good morning, mike, getting busy on the san mateo bridge headed to the foster city area, the tail lights are bunching up to the high-rise, eastbound to hayward, we have reports of a stalled right lane eastbound reverse commute. here is back to the abc traffic app, the waves app, heavy traffic southbound 680 through
6:52 am
fremont, we had early three car accident to mission boulevard and heavy traffic is now stacking up, and free app at apple app and google play. what could be a serious accident, now, forming here, southbound 101 at broadway. we will follow this for you, as well. >> thank you. >> ahead, five things to know before you go. the
6:53 am
>> as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" here are five things to know before you go. one, they don't call it a cold snap for nothing with broken water pipes from subfreezing morning temperatures, a heater repairman cannot keep up with all repairs. number two, an audit shows san francisco muni got more overtime than any other city agency going
6:54 am
$18 million over budget last year. ten supervisors made more than $100,000 each in over time but a mechanic doublinged his salary by making an additional $163,000 in overtime alone. three, oakland city leaders will make a major crime-fighting announcement after a string of shootings in three days left four dead and 11 injured. five were shot last night near seminary avenue. this is a "state of emergency" to expedite crime-fighting resources. four, britain's royal palace said the royal baby will be welcomed in this morning, due in july. the palace says that the duchess is feeling much better after the bout of morning sickness. >> number five, robin roberts is back home in new york four months after a bone marrow transplant. the co-host of "good morning america" appears on the program
6:55 am
with details of her health and plans to return to work so keep it here on abc7 for "good morning america" in a few minutes. >> mike? >> we start with live doppler 7 hd showing how dry it is this morning, good morning, everyone. we will go to the latest advisories at the bay shoreline san francisco is not in anymore, and freeze warning continues for north bay, east bay and the santa clara valley, and keep everything covered until 9:00. in the afternoon, we have a breeze with total sunshine and mid-40's at the coast and upper 40's to mid-50's around the bay and inland. >> back to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic backing toward the macarthur maze and a couple of issues we need to update on south 101 at broadway, three vehicles, three left lanes, and right now, i do not see any sensors slowing but if that is not out of there it will wreck your commute southbound on the if peninsula and a new
6:56 am
accident southbound 680 very slow moving toward walnut creek. getting busy. >> thank you very much. the abc7 morning news continues in 25 minutes with news, weather, and traffic during "good morning america" this morning. >> president obama will hold a white house news conference at 8:15 this morning our time and abc will carry it in a special report so keep it here for the news conference and
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so if you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a tow or lock your keys in the car, geico's emergency roadside assistance is there 24/7. oh dear, i got a flat tire. hmmm. uh... yeah, can you find a take where it's a bit more dramatic on that last line, yeah? yeah i got it right here. someone help me!!! i have a flat tire!!! well it's good... good for me. what do you think? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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good morning, america. one huge golden night for hollywood. "argo" takes the top prize over "lincoln." ben affleck scoring a big win as best director. but the women ruled the night. tina and amy left them laughing. jodie foster with a dramatic and compelling speech. and jessica chastain with an emotional win. >> to be here now, in this moment, it's a beautiful feeling. >> lara is backstage with all the stars. >> good morning, america. extreme weather flip-flop. the coldest temperatures in the california and the southwest in years. it's 20 in vegas. it's below zero in arizona. the temperatures are soaring in the east. sam has the upsidedown forecast. new this morning -- is lance armstrong finally coming clean? he's said he's calm and ready to speak candidly.
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